GNV Data Archive

August 26, 2022

Here is a collection of all the #GamesNightViz data sets collected for previous challenges. If you have any other cool datasets you would like to share with the community, feel free to reach out to either @WJSutton12, @Visual_Endgame, @ninjavizlouis so we can add it in here!

Board Games

Card Games

Call of Duty


Dungeons & Dragons

Elden Rings

Final Fantasy



Genshin Impact

Grand Theft Auto

James Bond



Need for Speed

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds


Red Dead Redemption

Rocket League

The Sims


Sports Crossover

Street Fighter

The Witcher


Team GNV

This project focuses a monthly theme that you can participate to challenge either data preparation, data visualization or visual design. Existing datasets on video games will be readily available and comes with difficulty scales to help those newer or with limited time to practice. You can also bring data from your own favorite games too! We love all types of games: card games, board games, video games, party games, game shows, the list goes on!

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