GNV + #SportsVizSunday: Is it a Sport or a Game?

January 13, 2023

Welcome back and happy new year!

To start the new year we're teaming up with #SportsVizSunday to answer the question, "When is a sport a sport and a game a game?". If you've seen the Netflix series "We Are the Champions" you'll see what is considered a sport is changing - with games being very much a part of this change. To help answer the question we've got datasets exploring the crossover between games and sports.

We're challenging you to visualise games that could be sports, and sports that might be called games.

  • Many consider Tiddlywinks to be a children's game but did you know there's a world championship?
  • eSports are becoming more mainstream but what are top-earning games for eSports professionals?
  • The idea of having a beer and running sounds like a drinking game but are they much slower than professional athletes?

Bonus: Iron Viz Leftovers

Back in 2022, the theme for Iron Viz was games and sports. If you entered Iron Viz but didn't finish your submission or have an idea that you didn't submit use this challenge to explore that idea or finish that viz.

Data Visualisation Challenge

Head over to the #SportsVizSunday blog post to find out more! And check out the previous challenges from #SportsVizSunday.

Looking for data?

Pick one of the data sets below, or a data set you've found, and visualise it.

Easy Difficulty - For those new to data visualisation or with limited time available)

Normal Difficulty - A fair size data set that could create multiple data visualisations

Heroic Difficulty - A large data set for those with more time available

Legendary Difficulty - Bring your own data #IronQuest style

Or finish off that 2022 Iron Viz idea or submission.

Or choose one of the data sets from the #GamesNightViz Data Archive 💾

Or choose your own dataset to visualise.

How to Submit

Team GNV

This project focuses a monthly theme that you can participate to challenge either data preparation, data visualization or visual design. Existing datasets on video games will be readily available and comes with difficulty scales to help those newer or with limited time to practice. You can also bring data from your own favorite games too! We love all types of games: card games, board games, video games, party games, game shows, the list goes on!

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