Level 6: The Final Boss

March 3, 2023

Welcome back!

We kicked off 2023 with our collaborative project with #SportsVizSunday exploring the crossover between games and sports:

Is it a Sport or a Game?

For our next theme, you find yourself in an oddly over-stocked room...
Surely there's nothing waiting for us in the next room...

Oh, wait there is, it's the Final Boss!
Yes, it's time to face the final boss putting all your newfound skills and abilities to the test!

There are three challenges to choose from.

Challenge 1: Which path will you take today?

Chart a path to victory! with datasets to explorer different bosses and enemies.

Pick one of the data sets below, or a data set you've found, and visualise it.

Casual Difficulty - For those new to data visualisation or with limited time available)

Normal Difficulty - A fair size data set that could create multiple data visualisations

Heroic Difficulty - A large data set for those with more time available

Legendary difficulty - Bring your own data or expand on the data provided by bringing new data to the project

For those considering the Legendary difficulty (bring your own data), here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Are there games that you’ve played that were challenging to start with?
  • What games competitions have you seen? Were there any strategies you tried in your next playthrough?
  • Are there any gamers you admire for their skill or creativity in a game you enjoy?

Looking for data sets? Check out Sarah Bartlett's Twitter thread for data sources or check out

Challenge 2: Boss the Gestalt Principles

Reducing Cognitive Load - hacking the human mind with these principles

The goal of this challenge is to create a data visualisation that effectively communicates insights using the Gestalt principles of perception.

Create a data visualisation using at least 3 of the Gestalt principles.

Gestalt principles are a set of visual guidelines that help to create visual representations that are easily understood by the human mind. The principles include:

  • Proximity
  • Similarity
  • Continuation
  • Closure
  • Connection
  • Enclosure
  • Symmetry

Here are a few blog post were you can learn more about the principles and see them in action

Here are some great vizzes from the Tableau community to give you an idea what can be done with Gestalt Principles.

Final Fantasy VII Enemy Database by Max Zilla

Minecraft Realms: Aionia Map by Michael Manning

Tableau Souls by Ant Pulley

Good vs Evil: Monsters of D&D by Oscar Ko

Mario Enemies - DataViz Challenge by Mohammad Ahmed

Elden Ring Boss Analysis by Maria_Catherine

The Nostalgia of Final Fantasy Tactics by Louis Yu

Umgrade Dark Souls by Ricardo Martinez-Barona Perdomo

Nova Solar - BWL 10/26 - Raid Boss Fight Cast Breakdown by Darrell Peters

Challenge 3: This is not always the way

Learn a new way - Tackle a new language or tool for data preparation

This challenge is all about starting the year by tackling a new language or tool for data preparation. It can be very limiting in our careers when we have to pick up a colleague's work, only to hand it back because: "I don't know python", "I haven't used Tableau Prep before", "I had training on dbt a while ago, then didn't use it again..." - any of these sound familiar?

To keep our skills in tip-top condition we'll be completing any of the first 4 weeks of Preppin' Data challenges from 2023 - the beginner series - with a new tool/language.

To assist you in this task I've browsed the #preppindata community on Twitter to find contributors across different tools and languages. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all contributors, do check for other contributors on for your tool/language.


Complete one of the following tasks using a new, or rarely used, tool/language.

Week 01, Week 02, Week 03 & Week 04


How to Submit

Team GNV

This project focuses a monthly theme that you can participate to challenge either data preparation, data visualization or visual design. Existing datasets on video games will be readily available and comes with difficulty scales to help those newer or with limited time to practice. You can also bring data from your own favorite games too! We love all types of games: card games, board games, video games, party games, game shows, the list goes on!

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